Incubation & Innovation

Welcome back to another weekly update!

We would like to bring you up-to-date about the company and incubation with the European Space Agency and tell you a little bit about the Science Park Graz Innovation Prize.

In March 2021 we applied for and were successful in being inducted into the European Space Agency business incubation service. This is an incredibly strong network of business leaders, institutions, and companies who are all focused on helping Innovative businesses getting started. We have submitted a business plan to engage several key partners in CMG’s development and demonstration.

Our business is now fully funded for the first year and we are proceeding with the design of the demonstration vessel and preparing the technology, the company, and myself to be presented to the strategic partner companies in Europe.

In the future when we come to an agreement with any company, I will introduce that company in detail and clarify why we’ve decided to collaborate and update you in this blog.

In early April 2021, CMG received recognition from the Science Park Graz ideas competition when we won our category ‘Space’ and garnished a lovely prize to put towards the business. During the early days of our incubation with the ESA/Science Park Graz, I have been able to participate in online courses and have one-on-one coaching to help me prepare the company for our future partners. The feedback, even in these first few months has been of exceptional value and the whole team and I are incredibly excited for the years to come and how CMG will develop.

Unlimited range means exactly that!

In the last month, CMG has reached out on social media and we hope to cultivate a online community at a variety of levels. We want to hear what people think about our idea, and in principal, we would love those who contribute to this idea to be able to get a chance to experience the boat and CMG in full effect.

Our main source of updates will be this blog, but we want to communicate with you on whatever platform suits you best. I didn’t expect to build such a quick following and thank you to all those who have shown interest in 100% zero-emissions sailing around the world.

You can find us on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and we will soon be posting more information alongside videos on YouTube and much more! The best way to stay updated is to subscribe through our website and receive our email update.