The Plan for CMG

Hello again everyone! Thank you for tuning into our blog.

A lot of people have asked about what our plan for CMG is.

The modelling of CMG has shown it to be an extremely powerful tool. Most energy management processes, particularly those involving renewable energy, require attention to future forecasting for potential production from solar, wind, and demand-side operation. Being able to predict your production and compare it to your load-management is an effective strategy at all scales, from the national grid, all the way down to the micro-grid that would exist on Whio II.

Whio II

Because the technology does not really rely on any particular technical solution, it would be useful for any type of yacht, be it a catamaran or a monohull. Yacht owners who currently travel the world with minimal energy use can continue to do that however, their increased ability to manage their energy systems means they don’t need to carry around extra fuel or a diesel back-up.

From a commercial point of view, it is our intention to work with the world’s leading OEM suppliers to provide a CMG solution that works with their equipment. It seems reasonable to expect that the next time you buy navigation equipment, some form of CMG would be embedded in the hardware, and you’d be able to input your technical specifications to provide management options for your vessel.

One challenge we need to tackle to make this all happen is to build a community of people with a variety of backgrounds and learning experiences who are working to assist in providing CMG solutions to others in the community. We believe that mutual assistance will be the key to getting CMG in as many boats as possible. The building of this community will determine if and how we are able to provide CMG solutions to existing yacht owners and people building new yachts.

From a commercial perspective, the company intends to work with large production boat manufacturers developing a solution for rental boats, so there is an opportunity for people to ‘try before you buy.’ If we are successful, then there will be ample opportunity to see CMG in operation and for people to see it and try it for themselves. To see that operating CMG is as simple as sailing the yacht as per normal. Further, that anybody can use CMG to eliminate their needs for fossil fuels, and we fully expect this technology to become ubiquitous throughout the sailing industry.

This is our ultimate goal; our reason for doing what we are trying to do. We realised early on that cornering the market on CMG was only going to hinder the rapid uptake of the technology. We are focused on allowing CMG to be the reason for electrification, and those companies that are already in the business of supplying equipment would really be where the growth and financial returns are. To start this process however, we do need to demonstrate the concept and operation. We are very excited with our fledgling community so far, and they are the catalyst for the future demand and growth of this technology.