Experience At Sea

Welcome back everyone!

Our project head and founder has was away last month doing some yacht deliveries around Europe. It’s been a while since he’s been sailing, so getting some time back out at sea has been invaluable for reaffirming some of our beliefs in the design of Whio II, and the CMG project as a whole.

We’ve got some exciting news and events coming forth very soon, but for now, we thought it might be nice to show what Andy has been up to out around Europe.

First up was a taking a Lagoon 42, up to England. A catamaran I am sure many of you will be quite familiar with.

Quite a snug space to sleep in, and perhaps a little bit loud and creaky. Quite a contrast to the mansions along the English coast.

But what a fantastic trip! A good week, with some weather delays, but all around; smooth sailing!

Beautiful sights, and some long nights, but the delivery was made without issue. The Lagoon 42 proved to be an able vessel, albeit with some discomfort in rougher seas. Difficult to sleep with all the creaking that boat made.

Next up was a monohull, another crew, and a trip that started in the Mediterranean.

And what blue seas they were! Amazing crystal clear waters and such beautiful skies.

The mighty Spanish Fjords and then around the Cape of Death and up towards France!

They then crossed the Bay of Biscay, and headed to Brittany, to then cross over to England once more, just in time to avoid some poor weather. It may have been a great deal easier with a CMG system onboard, but it was great to have Andy back out at sea, doing what he loves!

Check out our little video on the journey here, and thanks for stopping by!