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The challenge of electrifying yachts

Range anxiety at sea can be life-threatening and is unacceptable.  Currently, recharging a battery pack can only be achieved by a backup generator or shore power as solar and hydro-generation are not enough.  An electric-hybrid system only averages 25% on fuel savings and can be very expensive.

Electric-hybrid systems are expected to see a market share of only 3% by 2030.

With an annual growth of 4.3%, the recreational marine sector will emit 5x more CO2 than in 1990…

…This is a huge failure when measured against globals goals.

We need a solution that will incentivise everyone to make the change. We need to offer yachts a very short ‘payback’ time, more comfort, and even more safety than what a pair of diesel engines can offer.

CMG  –  Your charge made good  –  refers to the prediction of the battery state at the end of your passage or journey exactly as an electric car does today. This allows you to choose a boatspeed that ensures a safety margin at all times. 

Going slower uses less energy, and if the sails could push you faster, our redesigned propulsion system slows the boat down and harvests the energy.

The CMG prediction can be maintained during variations in forecast conditions by adjusting the sails and course.

Charge Made Good is a sailor’s solution to removing fossil fuels, and it works for everyone.

The App

The CMG App is how you manage energy on the vessel.  A free and simple download, the app will tell you which course and what speed is optimal for your energy management.  It is based on 4 modes of operation; Sailing, Trickle-Charging, Charging, or Supercharging. Each mode slows the boat by an increasing drag of 0, 20%, 40% or 60% factor, resulting in a lower boat speed, but increasing energy efficiency.

The App will be free and open source so that any company can take the app and modify it to their own preference or technology. In this way, it doesn’t matter if you have Ocenavolt, Torqueedo, or a home-built electric conversion, the app can be adjusted to suit your vessel and guarantee that you will never experience energy poverty.  It does this by increasing your management options and energy recovery when a small loss of boat speed is of little consequence, and allowing you to improve regeneration by many orders of magnitude.

If you currently have an electric hybrid system then this app can be put to use immediately and reduce your fuel bills significantly. To get to truly unlimited range and safety, the generator, fuel tanks and fuel systems must be removed to make space and offset the weight of a much larger battery pack.

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