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A practical approach to the rapid expansion of the charging network of major cities

Many people would like to buy an electric car but cannot take advantage of the most important aspect of owning one,  charging it at home with really cheap electricity. 

The simple fact is, that using fast chargers is relatively expensive, inconvenient and in big cities, oversubscribed. The great thing of owning an E.V. is that every morning you get into a car with full range, and it only costs a few cents per kW to charge.  You do need it plugged in for hours, but that is normally not the problem because it’s an overnight thing.  

If you own a charger you can use your battery for V2G services, supplementing the grid during times of stress and absorbing critical excess grid energy during overnight lows in demand. This service is central to the large-scale integration of wind and solar at a European level. If you live in an apartment, often there is no carpark assigned to you personally therefore it is impossible for you to install your own charging equipment, and in most big cities, street parking is high demand and chargers far away, further if occupying a charger overnight, you can be charged an occupancy fee per minute, getting  shock charge of €100.00 or more for parking. 

Homecharge provides a simple pathway for dealing with these issues, allowing personal ownership of public parks for limited time overnight, and making the charge point publicly available during the day for other E.V owners to tank up or participate in V2G during the day. 

Homecharge has a vision to establish street level home charging for every street in every major European city and hundreds of thousands of apartment owners who want to buy an E.V. but won’t yet.  We are looking for major partners to facilitate the necessary lobbying activity and will be choosing the first host city in the near future.