Charge Made Good

CMG is a whole new way to think about yacht systems. Never again should you think of power or water supplies aboard, A 15 minute steam sauna shower awaits you every time you come off a cold evening watch. That is just the beginning. Atlantic crossings in the trades in 10- 14 days instead of 20. We are developing a new type of global exploring vessel, with unlimited range using just the wind and sun

The revolutionary prototype

Whio II  [Fee-oh]

Designing and engineering a luxurious live-aboard boat that is safe and costs nothing to operate. Whio II has unlimited range, and no diesel generator as backup. No fossil fuel aboard at all. Clean…quiet and a sailors dream.

Discover Unlimited Range

Heres the energy model for 3 months at sea cruising in the med. This model calculates the energy balance and water stored aboard. Includes water-sports and exploring islets with the electric jet tender, uses patio misters and active solar panel cooling, full AC in temperatures above 28deg.C. This Model assumes 1000l water tanks, 200l/hr water-maker, 200Kwh Battery pack and cruising speed of 5k when using electric power.

See the Tour here on Google Earth

This map shows the circuit completed three times in this virtual model

Our logo

The infinity swish central to the logo represents unlimited energy. The nautical wheel, tells you we know where we’re going and how to get there. The Maori styalised fishook emblems hark to my New Zealand origin, and embraces the core values of stewardship rather than exploitation of our global home.

Andrew Cass, Managing Director

Thanks to Regine Otrel – Graphic Designer