Our mission is to make the yachting industry zero-emissions.

CMG  –  Charge Made Good  –  is the key to removing fossil fuels from yachts.

Unlimited range, unprecendented comfort, and zero-emissions…

CMG is an an app-based solution to eliminating fossil fuels from sailing vessels. The app will be open source and free to download and use for anyone who wants to reduce their generator use in an electric hybrid sailing vessel, or to go fully electric and fossil-fuel free.  CMG improves range, safety and comfort on board and will be 100% free to use.

Our Logo

The infinity swish central to the logo represents unlimited energy. The nautical wheel, tells you we know where we’re going and how to get there. The Maori stylised fishhook emblems hark to our New Zealand origin, and embraces the core values of stewardship rather than exploitation of our global home

The Latest Posts

Stable High Pressure Zones

Stable High Pressure Zones Welcome back everyone! This week we explain our modelling in periods of little or no wind. How does the system cope with stable high pressure zones, the Variables, and extended periods of calm? Planning a passage

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CMG aboard all sailing yachts

CMG aboard all sailing yachts Welcome back everyone! Something we get a lot of response to relates to our claims that CMG can benefit them on their yacht. Our claim of unlimited range and faster passage times is challenged as

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Awards & Supporters

Charge Made Good is proud to announce ourselves as winners of the 2021 Science Park Graz Start-Up Idea Competetion in the Space Category.

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