Meet Whio II

Our concept of a global range, quiet comfort, liveaboard sailing yacht.

The hull is aluminium and is 18.5m LOA.

Designed to be energy efficient, not sacrificing in terms of equipment on board, but well insulated and a completely closed loop energy system.

It needs no support from marinas for fuel or water but offers the same levels of comfort on board as a fully specified Sunreef 60.

The rig is a powerful square topped main and a self tacking jib for normal sailing with all lines led back to a control and rope handling station at base of mast.

Living is mostly on the decklevel, with a huge owners cabin forward and a lounge living space aft.  The port hull has a walk-in garage aft, double berth and some single berths forward behind a large service and storage area in the bow.  The starboard hull has another walk-in garage aft, a large service/storage/workshop behind a very large bathroom.  With a sauna/shower/bath unit, twin sinks and heads, behind a sail locker.

The beam is 8.6m with a 1.4m draft and a swing-keel.

Whio II has 6.5kW of solar installed which is designed to mostly cover domestic load.

It has two 48kW electric motors direct coupled to the propellers with no gearbox.

Whio II has over 200kWh of batteries which is enough to run AC for nearly two weeks, but is so energy efficient, she will  be able to be at anchor in most climates around the world for very extended periods.

Because Whio II will actively avoid marinas, her tender becomes more critical than most marina jumpers.

This is what CMG can deliver

Forward of mast is the nav station with dual seating and multiple screens for the monitoring of your CMG and sailing, with all systems controlled by electric winch.  There are dual anchors forward on self-tailing drums and one centrally aft. Access from the forward cabin to side decks by sliding doors and a large opening facing aft should provide massive airflow and great indoor outdoor living.

We are going to have a huge J1 light wind sail for tacking and reaching in light wind and also a Parasailer for downwind in heavier Air.